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The hearty and slightly sweet  scent of freshly baked bread wafted over the row of merchant stalls, subtly drawing us towards the next row, where both the show-cased blacksmiths and baker had set up their shops.

"I don't know about you two, but my stomach's about to turn inside out on itself," Captain said as we meandered through the crowds, browsing our choices.

"As is mine," I agreed wholeheartedly, "and if you two aren't opposed to something rather hearty, I'll treat you to the perfect cure."

"If you're talking about the baking bread that I've been smelling for the past ten minutes," Ranelwen replied. "There's no need to ask twice!"

"Perfect," I replied. "If I'm not much mistaken, I think that's a rye bread of some kind in the ovens now."

"I"ll chip in with some soup to split between us," the pirate added. "Make a meal of it."

"Sounds lovely," I agreed. "Meet us back here in a bit to find somewhere to settle down?"

After her nod of agreement, we split ways as Ranelwen and I lifted our skirts over the bench we had stopped at while discussing, and headed down to the baker's stall, eager to get our hands on a piping hot round loaf of bread.

"Good day to you, Master Geoffry," I said with a quick curtsey, "Is that your sourdough rye that I'm smelling?"

"Aye," he replied. "Give me five or six minutes, and it'll be done."

"You two know each other?" Ranelwen asked in surprise.

"Aye, probably as well as you know your friends at the Riddle Booth," I answered her with a grin.

A handful of minutes later, the baker excused himself from a fascinating break down of his last studies in the history of several rare grains to check on the breads. He returned a moment later with a loaf that still steamed as he carried it over to be dusted with watered honey and flour.

"Here you go,"  I said with a grateful grin, my stomach growling once again as I handed him the payment, "and a pleasant rest of the day to you- I look forward to seeing the rest of the your research later."

He laughed and waved us on our way. 

"We best be on our way, lest a certain pirate friend of ours decides not to wait before delving into the soup."

Ranelwen laughed, throwing her long braid over her shoulder as we wove our way back through the crowds, hardly aware of the weight of our skirts while the scent of the fresh bread filled our senses instead. "You may have a point there!"
A bit of sustenance to go with the favored drinks of "Of Sunsets and Companionship". Once again, formed from dreams :)

My apologies if this piece has been visited by the DoRD... it's Camp NaNo season.
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June 3, 2012
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