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It is a great power that we wield, and a great loneliness beside. All the others fear us, and with good reason for between us, we call life, life, and death, death, and give meaning to the time between the two.  We are the bookends and the pages of a book that we have written and that we alone know the end to. Meddle in our ways, and that which is written between the covers can change. Please or amuse us, and perhaps your story shall take a turn for the better before the end, for that is who we are. Clotho, the youngest of our triple existence spins the thread that man and not-man alike call Life on her wheel of flashing stories. I, Lachesis, measures out her work, deciding the length and the imperfections that each story should contain. Atropos, once the youngest, now the eldest of our trio wields the blades that put swiftly put an end to the art that together we have created, declaring the final product as complete in all ways.

It is Atropos between us that has changed the most, and for Atropos it is that we most fear.  Once cautious, he’d ponder the power that he wielded through the blades in his hand, snipping here and snipping there to cut short the life misspent and put an end to the suffering that I deemed fair. Atropos kept my dreams in check, and I kept Clotho in check, for she knew that I could grant rest and peace or hatred and suffering in each life that she spun. She in turn kept Atropos in balance with the promise of a new life to replace each that he took.  

That was the way it was then. Now though, things have gone awry, and the balance that we had we have shaken, perhaps beyond repair. We wield a great power in unison, but when one choses to walk their own path, that is where our careful work begins to unravel- slowly at first, but oh so rapidly if left uncheck. Without the balance, Clotho spins faster and faster, her wheel a blur that only she can stop. Without the balance, I am free to write each story as I please, the ink of my measure pouring into the lives with new color, new suffering, and new dreams that ought not to be. Without the balance, Atropos’ shears flash with a newly sharpened edge, cutting here and there without cause or purpose.  

The balance of power is fear, and with fear comes loneliness. No one dares to visit, now that the balance is undone and there is none to keep us in check. They fear the rawness that is left of our work, the mess that is what remains of Clotho’s work, and my art. They fear the flashing blades that Atropos wields without rhyme or reason.  Their fear is a tangible thing, a wall that divides us from them, and in that wall, we are alone.
I sang the anthem of my people
Hoping that in doing, I’d find my crowd;
The ones who, like I,
Have a public face oh so very different
From the one which is real.

I sang the anthem of my people
As I walked the paths new to me,
and watched each face
to find some trace of recognition.

Day’s end has now come,
And I cannot help but wonder
Have I lost the tune? The melody?
Do they sing our anthem different here?

My door is open, the signs I thought clear
Displayed for all to see if they but look.
Yet I wonder, must I the anthem relearn;
Or are our numbers here so few
That we simply haven’t crossed paths yet?
Our Anthem
A companion piece to "Together as One"

Journal History

Camp Journal Entry: Final Remarks

There are so very many things that I could say here....

First off,  oh my word what a month it's been!  SCA Coronation the second weekend in,  Week 3 kinda killed me, and lagging muse through Week Four. Despite that, I survived with only one all-nighter (my frist ever as crazy as that is, and without caffiene too)  

Secondly, I really am crazy, aren't I? One-hundred thousand words in a month with minimal amounts of caffiene (without horribly aggravating my wrists at that!). I somehow managed to connect three novel length (plus one RPG campaign) pieces into one cohesive setting. That's terrifying, actually. Somebody should stop me before things get worse.

Thirdly, I forgot what I was going to put here, so I'll say this: To all of my so very dear characters.... thank you. You are some of the most well behaved characters I've worked with in a long time, and for such an extensive amount of story time. It's been an awesome adventure, and please do enjoy your vacation on the shelf. I don't know how long it's going to be, but you deserve it for being so fantastic.

Fourthly... what next?
I start editing. Not this story, because I need a break from it, but I'll likely start alternating between Passage of RIghts (80k doesn't seem so daunting now, oddly enough) and The Centre Pts 1-2 until I get my system cleaned out and refreshed. I do believe that PoR will be the next book I'll actually have a book-version of. (Aug 31 deadline for the hardcover proof copy).

I'd also like to write another campaign, but haven't entirely decided which setting to play in yet. Shapeshifting dragons? Questionable medicine? Blood Oaths? Any suggestions?

I can also pick up calligraphy and playing my violin again, as well as dismantle my blanket tent, now that I'm not attempting to murder my hands. Oh, and my spelling should improve. Thanks for putting up with that! (Or should I say, tahanks for ptutting up wtih taht!)

It's been an amazing month at Camp, and while I'm sad to leave, I'm also looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and picking up so many of the other projects that I've left on hold. Farewell, Camp NaNo, I'll see you in 91 days!

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